Easter eggs with a conscience.

Chocolate. Made properly.

By Jay Jackson

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Six of the best ethical and eco-friendly Easter eggs this year

Let’s face it, on Easter Sunday the idea of yoghurt and granola for breakfast flies out the window. “GIVE US CHOCOLATE!” we all cry and by 11am we’ll be rolling around, feeling ever so slightly queasy but very happy. But, how ethical is your Easter indulgence? Luckily for us, free from, vegan, fair trade and sustainable eggs are growing in popularity year on year and there are now loads out there to choose from. We’ve selected a few of our favourites.

Montezuma Eco Organic Easter Egg (£8.99)


Made using ethically produced cocoa beans, Montezuma’s award winning eco range features a packaging made of biodegradable paper and a foil wrapping. This year, three different eggs are available - organic milk chocolate with butterscotch, organic dark chocolate with cocoa nibs and organic white chocolate with raspberry. They’re rich, chocolaty and wonderfully creamy.

Ethically produced/ Fairtrade - Y

Vegan - N

Sustainably packages - Y


Montezuma Easter Egg

Chococo Vegan Milc Egg (£18.50)


This luxury Easter egg from Dorset based company Chococo is completely dairy free and uses Madagascan cashew nuts to give it a creamy, nutty finish.

It has a subtle flavour profile and is very moreish. It’s a really good choice if you like a slightly lighter chocolate.

Ethically produced/Fairtrade - Y

Vegan - Y

Sustainably packaged - N


Chococo Easter Egg

Divine Popcorn Easter Egg (£10)


This gourmet Easter Egg is as indulgent as it sounds. The salted caramel popcorn is actually melted into the smooth and buttery chocolate shell of the egg, which along with crunchy popcorn morsels, tastes delish. It’s ethical and eco creds are good too. As with all Divine products, the egg is completely fair trade and packaging wise it’s plastic free.

Ethically produced/Fairtrade - Y

Vegan - Y

Sustainably packaged – N


Divine Popcorn Easter Egg

Goupie Easter Egg. (£9.00)

Vegan chocolate company Goupie's 2019 offering are beautifully hand painted egg shaped boxes filled with vegan dark chocolate rice crispy bites made from fair trade cocoa. All packaging is 100% recyclable and what more you can use your egg shell box again. Perfect!

Ethically produced/Fairtrade - Y

Vegan - Y

Sustainably packaged - Y

Goupie Easter Egg

Goupie Easter Egg

Moo Free 65% Dark Chocolate Egg (£4.00)

Available at Tesco, Waitrose and other major supermarkets

An egg that’s as good for the environment as it is for your tastebuds, Moo’s dark chocolate egg is made from 65% single origin, ethically sourced organic chocolate. Made using rice milk, this indulgent vegan egg has won countless awards for its rich flavour and creamy texture. The packaging is a mix of card and recycled plastic. It’s also super value for money.

Ethically produced/Fairtrade - Y

Vegan - Y

Sustainably packaged – Almost there

Moo Free

Moo Free Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolate 10 A dozen quail eggs (£10.00)


12 tiddly chocolate quail eggs filled with caramel, praline and simple truffles. Smooth, creamy and addictive, you’ll find it hard not to finish the whole box in one sitting. They’re also served up in a very cute sustainable egg box.

Ethically produced/Fairtrade - Y

Vegan - N

Sustainably packaged – Y

Hotel Chocolate

Hotel Chocolate Quail Eggs

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