Where to find London's best vegan comfort food.

Plant-based indulgence at its best.

By Jay Jackson

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The rise of veganism in the UK appears unstoppable and every year more and more of us want to get involved. Veganuary was launched in 2014 with 3,300 sign ups. Last year there were 168,000 and we’re expecting another massive increase this year.

Health, climate change and animal welfare are all causing us to be that little bit more eco-conscious, whether you’re a fully-fledged plant-based guru or a cautious ‘once-a-weeker’. At Mother we hope we can be a little part of this shift and encourage everyone to being plant-based at least once in a while.

Plant-based food is not only no longer boring (goodbye token aubergine stack!) but it’s becoming exciting and experimental. In London there are plant-based restaurants and cafes popping up all over, where you can enjoy fantastic, healthy, nutritious and delicious vegan food. This is a movement that’s here to stay and we’re thrilled.

Here at Mother we’re all about balance and choosing to eat plant based food shouldn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of indulgence once in a while. We’ve rounded up some of our all-time favourite plant-based comfort food dishes across London to keep us warm and satisfied in the winter months…

At Mother we hope we can be a little part of this shift and encourage everyone to being plant-based at least once in a while.


Wulf & Lamb exploded on to the plant-based scene last year boasting a menu of ‘fiercely kind food.’’ There’s ‘Mac n Cheese’, Creamy Linguine and, word has it, pizzas will soon be making an appearance on the menu. Our current favourite has to be their Chilli ‘non’ Carne. Even the most skeptical veggie guinea pig will love the deep, earthy flavours of this satisfying dish. A spicy and smoky stew of mushrooms, lentils and kidney beans lies on fluffy basmati herb rice alongside a big dollop of cashew sour cream. It’s addictive.

Wulf & Lamb, 243 Pavilion Road, Chelsea, London SW1X 0BP.

Wulf Lamb Chilli Con Carne

Chilli 'Non' Carne.


Mildred’s is a veggie and vegan institution and deservedly so. Their menu is brimming with delicious dishes but their Sri Lankan curry is a hug in a bowl, capable of warming the cockles on the nippiest of nights. Generous chunks of sweet potato wallow in a creamy, deep sauce served with a tasty pea basmati rice and coconut tomato samba. Another notably delicious classic is their Wood Roasted Mushroom and Ale Pie with Minted Mushy Peas. Delish.

Mildred’s, 45 Lexington Street, W1F 9AN (and other locations across London).

Mildreds Sri Lankan Curry

Sri Lankan Curry.


Club Mexicana dish up seriously good plant-based Mexican food at a very jolly boozer in East London. It’s hard to pick a favourite here but their Jackfruit Barbacoa is always on our order. If marinated well (and it is here) jackfruit can taste really meaty and Club Mexicana have achieved just that. A general pile of jackfruit is piled up on homemade corn tortillas with roasted padron peppers, salse verde and sour cream. It’s an explosion of flavours and oh so satisfying.

Club Mexicana at The Spread Eagle, 224 Homerton Hight Steet, E9 6AS.

Club Mexicana

Jackfruit Barbacoa


These guys offer some of the best plant-based fast food around. For anyone that doesn’t know, seitan is a wheat gluten product so 100% vegan. Doesn’t sound that appetising? Well please just trust us on this, it can be seriously tasty. Our favourite is their spicy ‘Chick’n Fillet burger, complete with chipotle mayo, a super zingy coleslaw, cheese, jalapenos and sriracha.

Temple of Setian, 10 Morning Lane, E9 6NA.

Temple Chickn Burger

Spicy Chick'n Burger