We choose wisely, so you can choose freely.

Because it can be hard to eat well on-the-go.

Nutritious treats to boost your brain and body.

Whether hand-made with love in our very own kitchen or selected with care - all our offerings are packed with goodness. That means taking care over the ingredients we use and the products we source. No nasties. No unnecessaries. Just good, honest, well-made snacks and drinks.

We believe in choice. Informed choice. Nutritional information for each and every product. Gluten-free, vegan, low sugar, high protein options. All ready at the touch of a button.

Smart snacking, by Mother.

Some of the brands we love and trust.

We’ve handpicked over 100 brands. Some small, some big, all best in class. We love British, but there’s room for everyone who shares our philosophy for nutritious and functional snacking.

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