The Mother of all Machines.

43 inches of industry-disrupting, super responsive touchscreen, for true blacks and vivid images in pin-sharp high definition.

Bringing vending machine familiarity into the digital era.

No coins, no pilferage. Just cards + mobiles.

Promote your own brand messages or internal comms.

Machine image
Interactive screen

Screen time that's good for you.

Intuitive selections. Informed decisions. Served intelligently.

Slick, smart tech.

Our web-enabled platform has been made in-house, from scratch. That means software working seamlessly with hardware. For a better experience all round.

- Remote controlled vending -

We can vend any item in any machine, anywhere in the world, making support calls easy and efficient.

- Data analytics -

Bespoke system for in-depth sales and marketing analysis.

- Real-time stock levels -

Automatic stock updates to ensure stock levels are constantly reviewed and maintained.

- Instant Updates. -

Immediate, tailored tech updates for real-time marketing promotions and speedy error-fixing.

Designed for your environment.

Our machine complements any space with its sleek yet subtle design and pin-sharp screen. Simple and seamless.

Mother Healthy Vending Design
Mother Healthy Vending Office
Mother Healthy Vending Media Office
Mother Healthy Vending Gym
Mother Healthy Vending Reception
Mother Healthy Vending New

Digital advertising platform

On a beautiful 43 inch screen.

Mother’s screens are a blank tablet for internal company comms or external branded ad campaigns that can be tailored to each individual machine. High-res image and high-def video-ready. Widget-enabled for weather, stock market and travel updates.

Showcase your brand in pin sharp high definition video. A perfect platform to build your brand awareness through our tier 1 distribution channels.

Make an impact to a clearly targeted audience with high definition images that can be individually bespoken to each of our machines.

Promote your own company communications to your staff or customers. Use Mother’s advertising platform as your own 43 inch digitalised company messaging board.

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