Next-generation vending.

Using the power of technology combined with a customer-centric design philosophy, we offer the smartest portfolio of vending machines on the market today.

Our machines.

The new standard for smart vending.

Simple to use and beautifully designed, our machines are at the forefront of the new tech-driven world of automated retail.

  • Classic

    Refrigerated machine, perfect for snacks and drinks. Can also do everyday essentials and tech products.

    Machine Dimensions

    • Height196.1 cm
    • Width80.3 cm
    • Depth93.5 cm

    Screen Dimensions

    • Diagonal43"


    •  13V AC
    •  240 kWh
  • Classic E

    An elevatorless version of our classic machine that also comes with a 50 inch screen.

    Machine Dimensions

    • Height197.0 cm
    • Width127.0 cm
    • Depth960.0 cm

    Screen Dimensions

    • Diagonal50"


    •  13V AC
    •  240 kWh
  • Frozen

    Frozen machine used for ready-meals, ice cream and frozen yogurt brands.

    Machine Dimensions

    • Height183.0 cm
    • Width128.0 cm
    • Depth103.8 cm

    Screen Dimensions

    • Diagonal30"


    •  13V AC
    •  230 kWh
  • Wall

    Wall mounted machine, perfect for smaller spaces and items such as cosmetics, medical and hygiene products.

    Machine Dimensions

    • Height80.4 cm
    • Width58.2 cm
    • Depth33.1 cm

    Screen Dimensions

    • Diagonal30"


    •  13V AC
    •  230 kWh

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Core features.

Say hello to the future of vending.

Increase engagement and sell more products using our pin sharp HD touchscreens and the most intuitive user interface on the market.

  • Product filtering & information.

    Easily filter products and view detailed product info on screen.

  • Multi-select items.

    Choose and vend multiple items on each order.

  • Meal deals.

    Up-selling products along the customer journey to increase revenue opportunities.

  • Dynamic pricing.

    Remotely push out promotions and pricing updates to 1 or multiple machines.

  • Closed payment systems & staff cards.

    Optional bespoke integrations to pre-existing company payment systems.

  • Age & gender camera.

    Learn about your audience through anonymised analysis.

  • Multilingual functionality.

    Language options to serve international customers.

  • Accessibility button.

    Ensuring easy machine interaction for everyone.

  • On screen support.

    Get support immediately with an on screen help button.


Hygiene matters.

How we interact with devices in public has changed forever. We’re taking advanced measures to ensure customer safety and well-being. In addition to Vend.Link, we now also offer anti-microbial touchscreen protection and in-built hand sanitisers.

Hand Sanitiser Anti Bacterial
Hand Sanitiser

Powerful messaging platform.

Our 43 inch touchscreens are all high definition video enabled, offering our clients the perfect landscape for company communications and branded adverts. Not just a vending machine, it’s your very own digital messaging board too.


Average uplift in product sales for brands that use advertising platform.

Proven platform.

A tried and tested proven platform.

With over 100 clients across the UK delivering market-leading sales, including some of the biggest FMCG, telecoms and high street retailers, you can rest assured your brand and your customers will be in safe hands.


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