Cloud-native architecture.

Best-in-class technology, specifically designed to overcome the challenges of globally distributed smart vending.

  • Security. Security.

    Latest cryptographic standards to ensure our devices and communication between them are strongly encrypted.

  • Stability. Stability.

    Infrastructure is reliable, fault-tolerant and highly available to reduce the risk of disruption.

  • Scalability. Scalability.

    Globally distributed hosting infrastructure combined with performance-optimised web technologies, enables machine management at scale.

Core features.
  • Remote vending.

    Vend any time in any machine, anywhere in the world, making support calls easy and efficient.

  • Real time stock levels.

    Automatic stock updates to ensure stock levels are constantly reviewed and maintained.

  • Instant marketing.

    Immediate, real-time pricing promotions enabling more effective, reactive marketing campaigns.

  • Dynamic advertising.

    Bespoke advertising campaigns that can be tailored to individual machines and products.

  • Remote error fixing.

    Resolve up to 90% of errors remotely, saving time and money by reducing the need for site visits.

Data analytics.

Developing your business intelligence.

Generate scheduled and ad-hoc sales reports on a site-by-site, machine cohort or whole estate basis, giving you detailed insight into what’s selling, where and when.

Management platform.

The Mothership.

The Mothership is your administration platform where you can remotely monitor, manage and communicate with your smart vending machine estate anytime, anywhere.

Turnover daily, weekly, monthly, yearly averages
Product performance
Category breakdown analysis
Individual machine performance and sales overview
Error alerts
User permissions
Active status
Bin layout
Open close hatch
Order view
Advert schedule
Sync reports
Stock level overview
Product sales overview
Machine grouping
Machine archiving
Content uploading
Bin voltage management
Max min stock counting
Expiry date entry
Serial number entry
Tax code entry Information tagging
Filter tagging
Instant remote pricing
Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly pricing promotion planning
Product margin capture
Nutritional information tabling
Product grouping and categorisation
Individual profiles
Company profiles
Permission level access
Company segmentation
HD image uploading (1920 x 1080)
HD video uploading (1920 x 1080)
Product media tagging
Impression counts
Advert patterns
Tailored scheduling (hourly, weekly, monthly)
Product promo animation tool
Machine or group machine assigning
Default setting

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