Smart vending software platform.

Our proprietary web-based platform has been made in-house utilising best-in-class technology to deliver a secure, stable and scalable solution.

  • Security. Security.

    The safety of our clients and their customers is our highest priority. We use the latest cryptographic standards to ensure that our devices and all communication between them is strongly encrypted.

  • Stability. Stability.

    Our distributed infrastructure is reliable, fault-tolerant, and highly available to reduce the risk of disruption. Our vending machines are specifically designed to continuously operate during periods of poor connectivity.

  • Simplicity. Simplicity.

    Our smart vending UI is easy-to-use and provides a seamless customer journey which maximises product sales, whilst also boasting features such as accessibility, contactless transactions, and full remote support.

Core features
  • Remote controlled vending.

    Vend any item in any machine, anywhere in the world, making support calls easy and efficient.

  • Real-time stock levels.

    Sales and stock levels are always at your finger-tips with our platform’s real-time inventory features.

  • Instant marketing.

    Immediate, real-time pricing promotions enabling more effective, reactive marketing campaigns.

  • Dynamic advertising.

    Flexible, bespoke advertising campaigns that can be tailored to suit your needs.

  • Instant remote error-fixing.

    Resolve up to 90% of errors remotely, saving you time and money by reducing the need for site visits.

Data analytics

Real time data analytics.

Connect and visualise all your data for detailed analysis and reporting, enabling you to maximise machine and product performance.

Adding a product to the planogram.

The Mothership.

The Mothership is your administration platform where you can remotely monitor, manage and communicate with your smart vending machine estate anytime, anywhere.

Features at a glance
  • Dashboard
    • Hourly and daily turnover
    • Weekly and monthly sales average
    • Product insights
    • Category breakdown analysis
    • Individual machine performance and sales overview
    • Errors at a glance
  • Machines
    • Live status
    • Product layout configuration
    • Live stock levels
    • Sales overview
    • Advertising schedule
    • Remote controls
    • Communication logs
  • Products
    • Nutritional information
    • Allergen warnings
    • Customisable product configuration
    • Expiry date management
    • Unique serial numbers per product
    • Controllable vending speed
    • Promotion planning
    • Profit margin calculations
  • Users
    • Individual profiles
    • Company profiles
    • Granular permission levels
  • Adverts
    • HD images (1080 x 1920)
    • HD videos (1080 x 1920)
    • Impression statistics
    • Product tagging
    • Tailored scheduling
    • Built-in product animations

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